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Pallet EPAL 1

Pallet EPAL 800 x 1200 mm

Position Number of units
Name of material
1 2 Extreme bottom board 1200x100x22 Softwood
2 2 Extreme top board 1200x145x22 Softwood
3 1 Bottom central board
1200x145x22 Softwood
4 3 Buttock line 800x145x22 Softwood
5 1 Top central board 1200x145x22 Softwood
6 2 Top median board 1200x100x22 Softwood
7 6 External cantilever
145x100x78 Softwood
8 3 Central cantilever
145x145x78 Softwood

Europallet EPAL 1 is the most popular pallet with a size of 800 x 1200 mm. A top board (placed lengthwise) and three runners are placed along the pallet, made of solid wood, while the brackets can be made of solid wood or crushed. The exact sizes of the particular elements EPAL 1, humidity 22%, are shown in the table below. All sizes are in millimetres, according to the Card UIC435 and EN 13698-1.

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